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Arc of Sense: How It Started

EP by Rafael and Jia from Pitch Eminence.

Arc of Sense is about our trip to the inner lives of nowadays humans, a home to where the memories are held. It all begins with an observation of ‘the mind when it is quiet’, what does the mind do when it is still?


When was the last time you’ve revisited your childhood? We found ourselves profoundly mesmerised by ‘memories’, for they possess the intrinsic ability to calm a mind, put a smile on a face or find solace in past achievements. In other words they are one of the most powerful sources of introspection to be experienced.

It wanders.

This could mean many things, thoughts, reminiscence, fantasies, responsibilities. You can easily be lost in your own mind and still find comfort within the chaos. Memories, they kept us moving in times of instabilities by instilling peace within ourselves. We would like to express the journey to this peace in our music, reminding ourselves no matter how much we’ve grown, matured and experienced, we owe an appreciation to the intimate memories we’ve held dear.

Jia Lee - Composer

the process.

Modular Rack.

Sourcing for a compatible sound that compliments the emotion-drenched concept behind the EP was the most fascinating aspect throughout the process of producing this album. To be more concise, the starting point was the greatest part - sourcing, conceptualising, brainstorms, imaginations. The sourcing of sounds began with us sitting in a local cafe, scribbling along ideas on scrap papers and napkins, these scribblings then became the missing puzzle pieces to the main puzzle. They were extremely random at first, but soon after some organisational efforts, the most random and unexpected locations were the ones that gave us the most interesting field recordings.

Music box blending into the acoustics of a stone built gazebo. (In Shot: Rafael Abranches)

Intentionally avoiding a typical music studio’s environment, we found ourselves in our dining room with synths and equipment laid out on the dining table. No, the room’s neither not acoustically treated nor qualified to be a music studio, but it’s a place filled with the mundane lives of 2 human beings - meals, reading, talking, working. It all happened right at this very communal spot. This is the essence of life and thus the perfect place to immerse our minds. When experimenting with compositions and sounds, we always try to place ourselves in environments that will help in framing our minds towards the stories we’d like to tell, this is what contributes to the organic sound we want to hear.

For me I’ve come to find collaborating with another artist extremely stimulating, it baffles me to see how differently we write music and come up with ideas, despite the fact that we're fundamentally working on the same project. - Jia

Rafael Abranches - Composer

The encounter of two opposing approaches sparked accidents, not a bad one, but rather a beautiful one.

With music pieces that rely heavily on sound design, we’re always giving a little more attention to every nuance within a sound. In most cases before we achieve a honed sound, we’d be dealing with a cluttering mess of unwanted frequencies and harmonics flying around throughout the mix. We find ourselves sitting through this ‘mess’ as we submerge our ears into the nuances within the mix in hope to find something unusual and interesting. At the end of the tunnel, the most unique sound of all will survive and thus becomes the sonic identity present within the track.



01 - About Time

02 - Still Life

03 - Re:Occured

04 - For A Moment

05 - This is Home

06 - XX-XY

Full album available to stream/listen Soundcloud and BMG.

For licensing enquiries, get in touch with BMG.

Artist websites/portfolio for Jia and Rafael.

For more information about Pitch Eminence, find out on website and Instagram.

EP released on 19th April 2022.


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