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Chrono: Behind The Album

A chronology of modern human.


The world has to slowed down

To be free from time and restraints,

To smell the air within different memories

To touch the textures within your minds

To hear the voices sung in the past

To witness the dances in between time.

I’ve almost let go of a moment,

To appreciate its silences.


A mind when it is quiet

Is a mind that is the busiest.


We saw a sign

Or a sign saw us?

A decision made today

Is a sign for the future

Standing on one side of the parallel

But to what is it parallel to?

Only the stars are watching.


For now I wither

For now I bloom

Tomorrow I am silenced

Yesterday I have spoken

For a minute I stayed satisfied

For years I stayed petrified

On living alongside everything in between.


Don’t break her reverie

Let her dream.

the album.

Concerning the constructions of individual memories, how it is congruent with the self within a society. This album intertwines between realism and reveries, using collective memories to amplify obscure narratives within the memories we shared as human beings.

It is a study driven by my observations of the ambiguous conventions, the self within a society and embodied emotions.

Would you alter your memories if given the choice to?

the music.


01 When You Love Your Child

02 Everything in Between

03 Collecting Thoughts

04 Chronology

05 Young At Heart

06 The Stars Are Watching

07 Stars Are Dreaming

08 Tell The Stars

09 Only Ones

10 Blooming

Album released on 10th March 2022.

Full album available to stream/listen here.

Get in touch for licensing enquiries.

Artist website/portfolio Jia Lee.

Stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook.


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