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Jia Lee, music composer in Leeds, United Kingdom
Jia Lee, music composer based in Leeds, United Kingdom, born in Malaysia

''Stories, they are the reason to my music.''

Jia Lee is a music composer. Her works explores the conscious and subconscious minds, as she seeks to amplify ambiguous societal narratives and conventions through her senses.

Jia's involvement in a wide range of projects - films, arts, installations, production music and solo releases - has appeared in major streaming platforms, music labels and independent galleries. In 2020, she started working as a composer at Engrave Production Music and in the following year, she became a Production Manager for the sub-label Pitch Eminence. Throughout the year her works were published on labels including Warner Chappell Production Music and BMG Production Music. In 2021, she was commissioned by visual artist Luke Walwyn to write music for a curated collection of art and fashion film shorts. In the same year she was involved as a contributing composer to multiple National Geographic's shark's special series, licensed across worldwide streaming platforms including Disney+


'I really enjoy getting philosophical with emotions, ideas and concepts when it comes to writing music, and really think about how to magnify different moods with sounds. Sometimes I'd like to think the pieces I created are re-arrangements of the sounds and acoustics we are surrounded by - birds chirping, car honks, construction sites... I've simply just morphed and manipulated these sounds to make them more tonal and musical. This is when I usually feel that my creativities are challenged.''  

With each projects, Jia introduces new ideas and approaches through experimenting techniques she has never used before. Classically trained as a violinist with a curious mind for the arts,  she began developing a profound interest in reinterpreting classical music with contemporary sound designs, constantly looking for ways to enhance her listener's senses, feelings and emotions. 

Jia Lee Music Composer Moog Grandmother Demo

Jia moved to the UK from Malaysia where she studied Music Technology at Cardiff and Vale College, then after BA degree in Film Music at Leeds Conservatoire. Before moving to the UK, she grew up in a small coastal town on the Borneo Island and spent a year exploring Japan. 

''Most of the inspirations behind my works are in fact non-musical, it's actually catalysed from places, people and atmospheres. In many ways, I think that the process of making music is a way to understand the world better.''

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