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Jia Lee

''Stories, they are the reason to my music.''

Music has always been a way for me to capture stories and emotions, to remind myself about the important things, moments and people that have impacted my lives along the way. With all the places I’ve lived, travelled and experienced, the people in each of these places have played a prominent role in my music and writings. I wouldn’t be the same today without these experiences, and now I’m passing them along to you, in hope that you’ll feel safe within these sonic worlds, to find some peace, love and energy from them. 

Works Placments

Jia Lee is a Malaysian music composer, artist and producer who works across the fields of films, arts, installations, media and solo releases. Her unconventional approach to cinematic music has appeared in major streaming platforms, music labels and independent galleries.

In 2020, she started working as a media composer at Engrave Production Music, a music production studio, where she has contributed numerous music pieces to a vast array of music catalogue. In the following year, Jia teamed up with Rafael Abranches, founder of Engrave Production Music, in launching a new label Pitch Eminence, a modern electronic music label focussing on an auteur approach to music and sonic explorations. 2021 saw the label’s breakthrough album Introversion and Arc of Sense on Warner Chappell Production Music and BMG Production Music. Going forward into 2022, Jia has celebrated her continuous partnership with Rafael Abranches for more than a year now with their release of Arc of Sense, Kindling and Kaleidoscope.


Jia’s first feature documentary work was written as a contributing composer to National Geographic's documentaries When Sharks Attack (Season 8) and Sharkside of the Moon, broadcasted internationally during the Sharkfest 2022 event in the summer of 2022. 

In the same year, Jia collaborated with sculptor and artist, Nicola Dale, on a site-specific installation that took place at SEESAW Manchester namely Insert Yourself. Insert Yourself presents an assemblage of sculptural works into which participants are invited to insert themselves, generating a living performance of individual choreographies as the gap between the creator and the audience vanishes. Jia’s compositions encompasses drone-heavy pieces recorded from site-specific field recordings laced with an ethereal swarm of vocals, generating a meditative sonic escape both rich and deep in introspection - an invitation to the viewers to insert into themselves not only into the sculptures, but the experience. 

''I'm always searching for the calmness within chaos. Where I'd like to create different kinds of worlds in sounds to accommodate these calmness... or chaos.'

Jia moved to the UK from Malaysia in 2018 where she studied Music Technology at Cardiff and Vale College, then after a Bachelor's degree in Film Music at Leeds Conservatoire. Before moving to the United Kingdom, she grew up in a small coastal town on Borneo Island and spent a year living in Japan. 

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