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The mind when it's quiet.

This album is a container for the nolstalgic, warm and sensual memories we share as human beings. I wanted to write a musical time-capsule, where it captures the mood and abstracts of the unforgettable moments in the past and brings it along into the future. 

I’ve immersed myself into the most mundane moments - that family dinner, the travelling afar to reunite with love ones, listening to the stories of the elderlies... and find solace in it. All before responsibilities, goals, expectations, disasters make me forget. 

Format: Digital

Label: Figure and Groove

Released on: 10 March 2022

And I looked for the answer by imagining the future, trying to be someone who I was never meant to be. Then I realised, the answer may not be in the future, it’s in fact in the past.

Don’t break your reveries, it’s time to dream. 

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