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Beats for Daydreaming

Around the end of last year we were invited to write an album about daydreams. With the global lockdown occurring in the past few years, we wanted this album to be a place where we store the memories of our home. The pleasant thoughts of places and people we missed so dearly.

Come a drift away with us to the warmth of your homes.

These pieces intertwines simplistic harmonies and delicate melodies, revealing nostalgic moments we’ve experienced in our own homes. The soundscapes brings us back to the sun-kissed tropical island, as they were composed using recorded sounds of the rainforests in Borneo to create a taste of familiarity. From Portugal to Malaysia, although our homes may be miles apart, home holds the same meaning to us both.

Format: Digital

Label: BMG Production Music (Benelux)

Released on:  19 February 2023

beats for daydreaming_pitch-eminence_BMGproductionmusic.png


Child's Play
Film Camera
In the Distance
Our Way Home
Sense of Past
To the Sun and Back

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