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Sharkside of the Moon

This documentary pulls back the curtain on the secret lives of Hammerhead Sharks, revealing new insights and never-before-seen behaviours in these incredible creatures and their lunar-driven migration journey across the Tropical Eastern Pacific. Using the latest satellite tracking technology, top Marine ecologists risk their lives for their scientific quest as they explore our space and oceans.

The moon has an impact on animal species around the globe, but there’s never been a connection drawn between the lunar cycle and sharks. One scientist thinks the moon plays an important role in the migration and life cycle of the scalloped hammerhead, and he’s on a mission to see if his hypothesis is true. If there’s a tie between the hammerhead shark and the moon, there could be a tie with other shark species as well … with a profound impact on both shark science and conservation.

Produced By: National Geographic Wild

Genre: Nature, Wildlife, Documentary

Released on:  July 2022

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