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Home Songs

I was hiking deep into the rainforest one day, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant sounds. I was drawn towards the interconnectedness of life around me. Amidst the towering trees and buzzing insects, I found myself enveloped in a profound sense of peace and harmony, a huge contrast to the world outside, where judgment and criticism often befalls. In that moment, I realised that just as trees relied on each other for support through their intertwined roots, and the insects and birds thrived in their mutual dependence, so too should any connections be based entirely on love, appreciation and understanding. 


It sparked my curiosity towards why does judgment, criticism and blame always flow so effortlessly, while the acts of love, appreciation and understanding seem elusive?


The production of this EP came from a sense of reflection on the myriad of blessings that has ever graced my life's journey. I found some peace within the wilderness of my hometown, giving me the safest and intimate mental space to reflect, remember, appreciate and give thanks to all the people and things we've always taken for granted. Hence, I'd like to think that this EP came from a place of peace and love, and I wanted these music pieces to be all about that. 


How would you value things better?

Format: Digital

Label: Artlist

Released on: January 2024

Home Songs - Jia Lee
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